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The Boston Church Directory
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The Boston Church Directory lists the Christian churches located within the city limits of Boston, Brookline and Cambridge. The Directory is to be used for developing relationships between members of Boston's Christian community; referrals; finding a church home; research in church planting; and other scholarly, relational, or spiritual purposes. Email churchdirectory [at] egc.org.

Click to open the searchable Boston Church Directory database

Boston Church Directory Resources

Boston Church Directory Online Searchable Database
View info on over 670 churches in Boston, Brookline and Cambridge. Search by church name, denomination, language, city, or neighborhood. We would appreciate your input as we continue to develop the Directory's look, design and usability. Thank you for your collaboration and patience!

Boston Church Survey Online
Update your existing church info or tell us about your new church in Boston, Brookline and Cambridge.

Boston Church Survey Form
Download and complete the PDF version and return to us by mail, email, or fax as listed on the form. (pdf - 370kb)

Boston Church Survey Instructions
Help yourself to help, talk to a real person at 617.262.4567, or email your questions to churchdirectory [at] egc.org.

Boston Church Directory Archive

Want to know who was the pastor of that church 10 years ago? View or download pdf versions of the Directory from the past and other historic info about Boston churches.

Boston: South End Neighborhood Church Leaders

Boston: South End Neighborhood Church Leaders is a relational network, gathering, and shared ministry of various types of South End church leaders considering how our churches and the Church in the South End can be more engaged, effective, and have greater impact in this specific neigborhood. Contact: ralphkee [at] gmail.com.

Metro Boston and New England Regional Church Directory

We need your assistance and partnership to research churches in other Metro Boston and New England cities. This is a collaborative process which helps identify and network churches in your neighborhood, city, and the region. You can help by reviewing the progress reports posted below, sharing current information, and/or starting/joining a citywide research team. Contact: Brian Corcoran, Project Director, bcorcoran[at]egc.org.

Somerville, MA (2MB)
Chelsea, MA (1MB)
Everett, MA (1.3MB)
Medford, MA (1MB)
Malden, MA (coming soon)

Springfield, Holyoke, & Chicopee, MA (click to enter or update your church now) The Springfield Pictorial Christian Church Resource and Network Guide was compiled by Visions for Springfield in 2004. The guide is currently being updated and expanded to also include Holyoke & Chicopee, MA. 

Lynn, MA The Lynn Church Directory was compiled by Antioch, Inc., Lynn, MA 2004. This directory and database is currently being updated as a collaborative project by Emmanuel Gospel Center and Gordon College. 

Churches with Deaf Leadership & Ministries in New England Region

List of churches with deaf leadership & ministries (click to download list 60KB pdf). If you are aware of other churches that should be included in this list please let us know churchdirectory [at] egc.org