Greater Boston Refugee Ministry

GBRM is holistic "wrap around" model of ministry that will form church-based "Open Tables." These Open Tables will be comprised of 8-12 members from local churches who will form a loving community of "ambassadors" to walk alongside our refugee friends as they adjust to life in a new place and culture. The tables will focus on supporting in areas such as English learning, job readiness, adult education, children and family, health, housing, finance, cultural learning, spiritual support, and transportation.

The central GBRM team will help recruit, train, mentor, and multiply Open Tables in churches throughout Greater Boston. During our two-year pilot period (April 2015 - April 2017) we hope to start 10 church-based Open Tables.


“Even for an English-speaking refugee like me, the American experience is often a lonely struggle, like a fish out of water. The nurturing presence and empathy of friends like those at EGC have kept me going in spite of these challenges.”
— Torli Krua

Torli's Story

Torli Krua, Rev., Co-Director of GBRM

Torli fled war-torn Liberia for Boston in 1990. Choosing to leave a successful position in business, he now serves as a missionary to refugee communities in Boston and beyond. Rev. Krua often partners with EGC’s Intercultural Ministries, working to help others understand both the challenges and opportunities of ministry to refugees. 

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