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What we do
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Other initiatives and projects

Other current initiatives and projects which have emerged from our research, consulting, and programs include:

  • Boston Church Directory
  • neXus Boston (on hold)

EGC’s Programs

EGC equips Christian leaders for effective ministry. In 2014, these are the programs of EGC:

  • Abolitionist Network
  • Applied Research
  • Boston Education Collaborative
  • Cambodian Ministries International
  • EGC Consulting
  • Greater Boston Church Planting Collaborative
  • Haitian Ministries International
  • Intercultural Ministries
  • Ministry Development
  • Starlight Ministries (homelessness training and outreach)
  • Urban Ministry Training
  • Youth Violence Systems Project

The following links connect to the programs of EGC as well as to a few additional initiatives and projects that have emerged from our work:

Abolitionist Network

joining in the work God is doing to end the systems of exploitation and slavery, through understanding these systems, and equipping, connecting, and refreshing abolitionists.


Applied Research

gathering, analyzing, and reporting practical information on Boston’s churches and communities to inform the decisions of urban pastors and leaders as they work to cultivate spiritual and social vitality in their churches, their communities, and the world.

Boston Church Directory

offering searchable information on nearly 700 churches in Boston, Brookline, and Cambridge, the Boston Church Directory database is useful for developing relationships between members of Boston’s Christian community, referrals, finding a church home, research in church planting, and more.

Boston Education Collaborative

working with churches, schools, and nonprofits to empower underserved urban students with the education they need for transformation in their lives and in their communities.

Cambodian Ministries International

serving the Cambodian Christian community in Greater Boston and beyond with consulting, leadership training, networking, and collaborative outreach.

EGC Consulting

empowering community- and faith-based organizations to fulfill their unique callings by introducing customized tools to assist with program assessment and evaluation, strategic planning and action, professional development and training; and board and governance support.

Greater Boston Church Planting Collaborative

through one-on-one mentoring and periodic gatherings, serving individuals who are committed to establishing churches that will thrive in Greater Boston and will, in turn, establish daughter churches nearby and abroad.

Haitian Ministries International

encouraging and strengthening Haitian pastors in Boston and facilitating Haitian churches working together to spread the gospel as they serve Haitians in Greater Boston, Haiti, and across the Haitian diaspora.

Intercultural Ministries

connecting, training, and consulting with church leaders across cultural lines to promote effective intercultural ministry in Greater Boston as well as encouraging indigenous international mission networks in and out of Greater Boston.

Ministry Development

finding new ways to enhance the development of ministries locally and globally through our diverse relational networks to nurture vitality in whatever ways we can. For example, EGC provides a level of administrative structure and fiscal sponsorship services to over a dozen emerging ministries.

neXus Boston

offering the support, training, and enrichment that Christian youth workers critically need to be competent, confident, and committed to transforming the lives of urban and high-risk youth.

Starlight Ministries

helping churches build real relationships with people who are homeless through street outreach and in-house services which engage the personal concerns of homeless or street-involved individuals, while providing critical field training for Christians seeking to minister effectively on the streets.

Urban Ministry Training

empowering and equipping pastors, leaders, students, and volunteers for effective ministry and community service through teaching, education partnerships, workshops, and internships.

Youth Violence Systems Project

enabling stronger communication, agreement and cooperation around a community-wide response to youth violence in Boston through community feedback and learning teams, research, and systems dynamics modeling.