The Abolitionist Network

We host monthly lunch gatherings to build relationships, share ideas, and pray for each other. We believe every part of the diverse body of Christ has a valuable role to play.

We stay in tune with the local counter-trafficking landscape, host trainings, and share resources to help churches understand the root causes driving the systems of exploitation, recognize their own part in the problem, and then identify where they can take action through prevention and aftercare efforts, community awareness and intentional prayer.

To fight burnout, we emphasize the importance of rest in our trainings, encourage busy   abolitionists in the network to practice regular Sabbath rest, and host an annual retreat.

Route One

The vision of Route One is to build authentic relationships with women exploited by the commercial sex industry.

Through building trusting relationships, we connect women to the resources they need to leave the industry by providing for physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs. Route One helps women to secure new employment, safe housing, rebuild broken relationships and take steps to healthy, fuller lives!

Jasmine’s Story of Impact

Jasmine puts a real face on the issue of what sex trafficking looks like in America. She tells her story to educate the public about the complexity of the trauma and the difficult and often messy work she has put into her recovery. While she wasn't physically handcuffed, she was mentally and emotionally held captive for eight years. She found hope and support through her local church and has now come to find what she was always searching for in Christ. It was His unconditional love.

Jasmine Grace Marino is the Director of Bags of Hope Ministries. For more of her story visit


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