Hope for Lenox Street: Pastors' Breakfast with the Melnea Cass Network

Hope for Lenox Street: Pastors' Breakfast with the Melnea Cass Network

New in Lower Roxbury--Pastors and leaders serving the Lenox Street area met to consider a wider collaboration with the Melnea Cass Network, a group dedicated to "eliminating youth violence and poverty, one neighborhood at a time."


Top 5 Books for Understanding Boston

Top 5 Books for Understanding Boston

Are you looking to get a better understanding of the city of Boston with all its history, neighborhoods, and eccentricities? Rudy Mitchell, researcher of Boston's neighborhoods and churches for over 30 years, gives his top 5 recommendations for books about Boston.

What Women Leaders "Shouldn't" Want [Infographics]

What Women Leaders "Shouldn't" Want [Infographics]

What do Christian women leaders report hearing or believing that they "shouldn't" want or need if they were a good leader? What kinds of life-giving connections to Christian women leaders want more of?

The Awkward Dance: Christian Women Leaders Finding Their Footing Amid Conflicting Ideals

The Awkward Dance: Christian Women Leaders Finding Their Footing Amid Conflicting Ideals

When you think good Christian woman, to what extent do you think effective leader?

According to our research, Christian women leaders face conflicting ideals for women and for leaders in their communities, such that traits of effective leaders can contradict traits of admirable Christian women.

In this post we explore six conflicts-of-ideals reported by participants at the Woven Consultation on Christian women in leadership in March 2016.

About the Melnea Cass Network

Melnea Cass Network—Committed to ending youth poverty and violence one neighborhood at a time.

The Melnea Cass Network is named in loving memory of the tireless South End/Lower Roxbury community and civil rights activist Melnea Cass (1896-1978).

MCN believes that youth can thrive and overcome the systemic problems of their environment if they have a network of social support that addresses physical, vocational, social and spiritual needs. The MCN is working to convene local leaders for shared learning and collaborative action towards that common purpose. MCN's mission is "ending youth poverty and violence one neighborhood at a time."

MCN is a growing collaboration between Emmanuel Gospel Center, Strategy Matters, Black Ministerial Alliance, Boston youth minister-at-large Rev. Mark Scott, and Vibrant Boston.

As a founding member of MCN, EGC’s Applied Research and Consulting team will continue to provide convening and infrastructure support.

Understanding Boston's Quiet Revival

Understanding Boston's Quiet Revival

What is the Quiet Revival? Fifty years ago, a church planting movement quietly took root in Boston. Since then, the number of churches within the city limits of Boston has nearly doubled. How did this happen? Is it really a revival? Why is it called "quiet?" EGC's senior writer, Steve Daman, gives us an overview of the Quiet Revival, suggests a definition, and points to areas for further study.

Serving Cambodian Pastors

On Friday, March 4, 2005, Pastor Reth Nhar said goodbye to his wife, climbed into a car with four Cambodian friends, and headed out into the evening rush hour for the 60-mile drive north out of Providence, through the heart of Boston, to Lynn, Massachusetts. There the five made their way up to the second floor of an office building at 140 Union Street, grabbed some tea, and at 6:45 p.m., they crammed into a meeting room at the new Cambodian Ministries Resource Center.

Cambodian Ministries

The Killing Fields of the Cambodian holocaust that took place from 1975 to 1979 under the leadership of the Khmer Rouge left over a million dead and led to a flood of refugees fleeing from Cambodia. Many escaped from this horrific event to neighboring countries, while others sought safety around the world. A portion of the refugees came to the United States in the early 1980s in an attempt to start their lives afresh. Today, the Greater Boston area has the second highest concentration of Cambodians in America, some estimating as many as 30,000, with the majority living in Lynn, just 10 miles north of Boston, and Lowell, 30 miles to the northwest.

Boston-Berlin Partnership

The vision of EGC’s Intercultural Ministries is to connect the Body of Christ across cultural lines to express and advance the Kingdom of God in the city, the region, and the world. Building relationships and creating learning environments are essential to achieving this vision. Among its networks with urban ministries globally, Emmanuel Gospel Center is connected with Gemeinsam fuer Berlin a ministry organization in Germany since 2006, whose mission statement is: “Through a growing unity among believers in committed prayer and coordinated action, the Gospel of Jesus Christ shall reach all areas of society and people of all cultures in Berlin, so that the evidence of the Kingdom of God will increase, thus causing a higher quality of life in the city.”

Who is fighting to end human trafficking locally?

Connecting and Equipping MA to Prevent, Identify and End Human Trafficking! We are teachers, business leaders, NGO staff, nurses, athletes, students, artists, musicians, lawyers, chefs, accountants, web designers, activists, neighbors, mothers, fathers, kids, friends... we are residents of Massachusetts and we stand together to end human trafficking! 

Exploitation Response Sheet for Spanish Speakers

Qué es explotación/Tráfico Humano? "Tráfico Humano es la adquisición de la personas pormedios impropios, tales como la fuerza, el fraude, o la coacción, con el objetivo de explotarlos." United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime


Si alguien se identifica a sí mismo como una víctima de la trata de personas, o sospecha quealguien está en riesgo o involucrados con la trata de personas y la explotación, aquí están los recursos para la respuesta