Greater Boston Church Planting Collaborative (GBCPC)


Working off forty years of being personally engaged in grassroots church planting in Boston and Cambridge across a wide demographic spectrum, Rev. Ralph Kee does what he can to further enable church planters to understand and successfully carry out the apostolic task of church planting.

- Gathering church planters together frequently to learn from one another, learning from each other how to do it by doing it themselves, is one means the GBCPC uses.

- Ralph regularly encourages church planters and those contemplating a church-planting calling through one-on-one conversations over coffee.

- He tries to keep in touch with new church plants as they emerge in Greater Boston, and also tries to keep up on church planting needs and opportunities.

- Rev. Kee teaches a course on “Critical Thinking for Effective Ministry” at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary’s Boston campus, the Center for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME).


Jesus told his disciples to enfold every person on earth in a local fellowship, and on Day One of the church’s existence, on the Day of Pentecost, the embryonic church started to carry out that commission, beginning where they happened to be at the time and expanding and multiplying new churches out from there.

Christianity is a relational faith; relationship with the Triune God and relationship with all of God’s children, those who live on our block in Boston and those who live across the world. Church planting is all about relationships and putting people into God-filled relationships.






There is an “absolute need for a fuller vocabulary if the apostolic task is to be clearly explored, understood and energized in our day in Greater Boston and beyond,” says veteran church planter Ralph Kee. “The apostolic task can’t best be done apart from clear thinking and clear communication by those called to further the task.” He adds, “I have found it oftentimes difficult to engage in much in-depth conversation about the Great Commission… because so much of the conversation ends up trying to explain what you don’t mean rather than what you do mean.”

Toward a More Adequate Mission-Speak gives us a better way to start the conversation. This 50-page booklet, available as a PDF here, is Ralph’s fifth Little Book in this series. Toward a More Adequate Mission-Speak is copyright © 2013 Ralph A. Kee.

Of the tasks listed in Ephesians 4, the apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, and pastoral tasks, which are needed now in Boston? Veteran church planter Rev. Ralph Kee says that today the prophetic task is critically needed. “We need to more clearly identify the prophets in current-day Boston and enlist their participation as we seek to expand Jesus-permeated, Kingdom-of-God-on-earth-permeated, church-planting movements,” Ralph says.

After identifying what he sees as “four original schisms” from the Fall, Ralph says the job of the prophet is to connect again what was disconnected by sin. In this, his fourth Little Book, available as a PDF here, Ralph says that as the Church puts broken people and broken communities back together again, unbelievers will take note of that, and ask, ‘Is this gospel, this Jesus, something, someone, I should perhaps believe in after all?’” The Prophetic Task was published in September 2012, 30 pp.


There slumbers within every Christian believer in Boston an inner church planter that waits to be awakened, and subsequently then to be put to work. In some way, in a big way or in a little way, every believer in Boston can help a new church get started. How this notion might be implemented is the subject of a booklet by Rev. Kee. He would love to hear your response to his little book. So just how do we help new churches get started? For starters, you can become a committed prayer partner of a church plant currently underway. Awakening Your Inner Church Planter was first published in February 2011, 20 pp.


God’s intent is that everyone living in Greater Boston be enthusiastically and holistically engaged in a community of vibrant Christian faith. The best way to make that happen right now, in 2012, is by church planting—apostolic-led church planting. That is the story of the Book of Acts and it is the story of Christian history ever since. Apostolic-led church planting in Boston is the subject of the latest booklet by Rev. Kee, available as a PDF file here. Take a look, and then write to Rev. Ralph Kee and let him know what you think. Let's Do It! was published in December 2011, 48 pp.


This little book by Rev. Ralph Kee, veteran church planter in Boston, helps us get a handle on what the Bible calls “diakonia” and what we call “the deaconate.” Diakonia, we will discover, is much more than just a religious word. Diakonia moves us quickly from words to action, for it is, in fact, the life of service the church carries out in the world. In our day, as in Jesus’ day, as in the Apostle Paul’s day, diakonia carried out in the power of the Holy Spirit is still absolutely critical to the work of a credible church. In this little book, available as a PDF file here, Rev. Kee explains why and what we need to do.

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