ARC Services


Emmanuel Gospel Center’s Applied Research and Consulting (ARC) helps Christian leaders from Boston and beyond:

  • understand complex social issues (e.g. human trafficking, refugee crisis, urban education, homelessness)

  • build effective collaborative strategies

  • take responsible, data-informed action


Our Profile

For the last 80 years, EGC has been a trusted partner, advisor, and support to community leaders and marquis institutions.

State Street Foundation

State Street Foundation

Lion of Judah Church

Lion of Judah Church

Boston Medical Center

Boston Medical Center

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

Boston Public Schools

Boston Public Schools


ARC’s deepest experience is with building bridges in an urban cultural setting. ARC has been a catalyst or core partner for transformational movements in Boston, such as access to education for vulnerable youth and training for pastors in serious illness conversation skills.

ARC is the best-in-class partner for any leader or institution interested in developing a deep understanding of the individuals, communities, and institutions that make up the fabric of Boston.

Our Approach

ARC takes a creative and customized approach to each of its engagements.

Community systems

Our community systems approach recognizes a team, neighborhood, business, church, or other institution as a community of diverse individuals. These communities are alive and constantly developing—they are beautiful and complex systems.

Viewing communities as systems is to see them as a comprehensive whole beyond their individual components. ARC builds its engagements with those seeking to understand the beauty and complexity of these constantly developing community systems.

Collaborative learning

ARC uses collaborative learning tools to help groups and communities:

  • understand complex systems

  • to create shared vision

  • identify systemically-derived and mission-aligned action plans.

Accessible Process

Our process works effectively with all groups to surface insights and action points.

  • different cultures

  • urban and suburban settings

  • large and small organizations

  • community groups

  • leadership teams

  • gatherings of people interested in a common goal

  • a wide variety of topics

Our Services

Leader Development

We coach, advise, encourage, challenge, train, and equip leaders. We help them hone strategies and partnerships that broaden shared capacity and strengthen collective response to church and community issues.

Applied Research

We pride ourselves on driving to accurate and timely data, while maintaining affordability. We design and implement cross-sectional and longitudinal complex systems research studies that inform practical action.

Story Telling

We work to understand your ministry or community story, your audience, and the intended impact of your story. We help you craft, produce, and distribute that story through various forms of media – film, written, and social.


We help you uncover the potential benefits of collaboration and the landscape of potential partners. We help shed light on what you and your potential partners would value in each other, then we walk with you through the different stages of building that relationship over time.

Program Design and Implementation

Whether at the concept stage or nearing implementation, across the range of stakeholders—government, foundation, business, church, non-profit, social service— we help design your program for maximum sustainable, long-term impact. We provide insights into the complex systems connected to your program. We help you identify and recruit the right partners to make your vision a reality. We then serve as both strategic advisors and hands-on program managers throughout the lifecycle of the program.

Organizational Development

We can engage at all levels within your organization and with your outside stakeholders to develop a full picture of the landscape in which you operate. We work with you to build your strategy and develop a comprehensive implementation plan. We then walk alongside you to support your implementation of the plan—as advisors and coaches or as active partners and team members.