EGC 101 Course

EGC is offering a free 2-hour workshop for people interested in learning more about EGC + urban ministry in Boston.

Do you want to:

  • Learn more about urban ministry in Greater Boston?

  • Discover how to use your gifts to serve urban churches and communities?

  • Understand the Emmanuel Gospel Center’s ministry approach more deeply?


Then come to EGC 101!

EGC 101 is a 2-hour introductory class taught by EGC staff members. It is offered as an entry point to urban ministry in Greater Boston. EGC 101 will cover:

  • Understanding your own mental models (and why they matter)

  • Introduction to Boston’s Quiet Revival

  • Introduction to the ministry of the Emmanuel Gospel Center

  • Introduction to EGC’s Living System Ministry approach

  • How to connect to urban ministry opportunities

The next EGC 101 session will be on November 5th, 7pm-9pm at EGC.