Join us for a Dinner Celebrating the Ministry of Pastor Sol Védrine! RSVP by May 9th.

At Congregation Lion of Judah, 6 to 9 pm on Fri., May 18th, 2018, 68 Northampton St. Boston, MA 02118

Haitian Ministry International

Haitian Ministries International equips leaders from among New England’s 200 Haitian churches and facilitates inter church efforts to serve Haitians globally. Rev. Soliny Védrine, director, is a pastor to pastors and a quiet yet powerful force for the Kingdom of God. His legacy includes multi-church worship and training events held annually in Boston and across the Caribbean. His most rewarding contribution has been Vision Globale, an international forum first convened by Pastor Sol, where leaders from the Haitian diaspora gather periodically to discuss the state of the worldwide Haitian church and pray for its future.

Rev. Dr. Soliny Védrine, Dir. of HMI

In 1972, two churches served Boston’s expanding Haitian community. By 1985, when the number of Haitian churches had grown to 20, Pastor Soliny Védrine joined EGC. “My goal was to nurture networking and a spirit of cooperation among Haitian churches, help pastors have a greater understanding of how to develop and sustain effective ministry, and equip Haitian churches to serve their community better,” he says. One of his first tactics was to hold a luncheon for pastors and their wives. Out of this simple gathering has flowed 40 years of joyful, collaborative ministry among Boston’s Haitian churches.

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