Intercultural Ministries

Intercultural Ministries of EGC functions as a “supporting ligament” in the Body of Christ for connecting ministry practitioners, churches and organizations across cultural lines—to see the Body of Christ strengthened and the Kingdom of God more fully revealed! We network, train, and consult to promote effective intercultural ministry and international mission networks in and out of Greater Boston. As we follow the Holy Spirit, we have identified the following key strategic initiatives; Greater Boston Refugee Ministries and Christian Muslim Relations.


Greater Boston Refugee Ministry has Launched!

After 18 months of Research and Development GBRM is in its second year of a 2-year pilot program.  Our vision is being honed and shared with churches. Click here for more information on GBRM and how your church can be involved.

Christian Muslim Relations

Relations between Christians and Muslims present the Church with one of her biggest opportunities and greatest challenges. This is affected by terrorism and aggravated by the fact that Muslims often perceive Western countries as being "Christian." Add to this the negative stereotypes of Muslims, as well as ignorance and apathy, and it is not hard to see how the Church has backed off from Jesus' commands to love Muslims and make disciples.

Given this dire situation in such a polarized world, how can the churches of Boston and New England be agents of peace and faithfully bear witness to Christ? In other words, what does a biblical approach to blessing Muslims look like?

God has given EGC a heart of compassion and a desire to bless people. We have a mandate. In addition to the Great Commission, Psalm 67 says we are blessed to be a blessing. When we think of a biblical approach to blessing Muslims we can't help but picture followers of Jesus praying for Muslims and showing them love in practical ways. This, of course, includes communicating the good news of the Gospel to Muslims.

EGC is also committed to being a "community of reconciliation." This means that we seek to build bridges between Christians and Muslims and become peacemakers – both in our attitudes toward and relationships with Muslims. One expression of this is an attempt by the Intercultural Ministries staff to better understand the plight of the Palestinian people and seek ways to work towards peace and a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Finally, we are committed to showing and telling Muslims how beautiful and powerful Jesus is and how great it is to be a part of his kingdom. If you or your church have a passion to do the same and are looking for assistance, please contact Dave Kimball at


Dave Kimball

Minister-at-Large, Christian-Muslim Relations, Intercultural Ministries


Additional Intercultural Ministries Initiatives

City Without Walls Initiative

This initiative is an outgrowth of the 2010 Ethnic Ministries Summit: A City Without Walls, hosted in Boston in April 2010. The aim of the initiative is to continue to nurture intercultural relationships and ministry partnerships as a means of expressing and advancing the Kingdom of God. Currently our team is focusing our attention at understanding and improving intergenerational relationships in immigrant churches. Contact Gregg at if you want more information.

Sharing Worship Space on a Higher Level  

We are offering trainings for congregations that want to share worship space well. We want to help churches to cross cultural lines and develop healthy relationships with each other in order to be a witness of a diverse body of Christ in their neighborhoods.

The Sharing Worship Space trainings emerged out of our research project, Shared Worship Space - an Urban Challenge and a Kingdom Opportunity. This research sought to better understand and explore different models of churches sharing space as well as the opportunities and challenges that come with such arrangements. Contact Gregg at if you want more information.

Boston-Berlin Partnership  

The vision of EGC’s Intercultural Ministries is to connect the Body of Christ across cultural lines to express and advance the Kingdom of God in the city, the region, and the world. Building relationships and creating learning environments are essential to achieving this vision.

Among its networks with urban ministries globally, Emmanuel Gospel Center is connected with Gemeinsam fuer Berlin (Together for Berlin) a ministry organization in Germany since 2006, whose mission statement is: “Through a growing unity among believers in committed prayer and coordinated action, the Gospel of Jesus Christ shall reach all areas of society and people of all cultures in Berlin, so that the evidence of the Kingdom of God will increase, thus causing a higher quality of life in the city.”

New England's Book of Acts

New England's Book of Acts is a publication of the Emmanuel Gospel Center in Boston, MA, and is modeled after the book of Acts in the Bible.  The book of Acts is in a narrative form and tells about how God was working to grow and advance the churches of the first century through key leaders and events.  But God is still working today!  New England's Book of Acts captures the stories of how God is growing the churches among many people groups and ethnic groups.  Emmanuel Gospel Center collaborated with various groups within the church to compile stories, articles, and resources from numerous people groups and ministries that help tell the story of what God is doing in New England.

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