RCCI's workshops

RCCI offers a series of introductory workshops and can also design workshops to meet the needs of your community.

When hosted by RCCI, all of our introductory workshops are co-facilitated by a multi-racial team. We host these workshops at least once a year at EGC and are also happy to talk about offering them for your community.

Workshop Descriptions:

Introductory workshops include…

  • Race & the Gospel: A Theological Framework for Race & Reconciliation - While racial reconciliation is often seen as a “liberal” or “political issue,” God’s Word reveals that, first and foremost, it is biblical issue. Join us to learn more about what God’s word says about racial reconciliation, how it fits into the biblical metanarrative of sin and redemption, and how it can function to spread the Good News to the world.

  • Understanding Racism Today: How Good People can Contribute to the Problem without Awareness or Intent - When we compare ourselves to the blatant racism of the present and past, it’s easy to think that we are not a part of the problem. The reality is that, because racism is a complex system that operates on multiple levels, we can still contribute to the problem without awareness or intent. Join us to develop a biblical framework of racism, expand our understanding of the problem, and hear examples of how it could be manifesting in the thoughts and actions of ourselves and our faith communities.

  • Living into Racial Reconciliation: Practical Steps for a Christ-like Response - So you know, you care, but your not sure what to do about it. Whether your just beginning to learn about racism or have been exploring this issue for a lifetime, RCCI offers a variety of entry points, action steps, and resources to equip you to dismantle racism as an expression of your faith.

  • Power Dynamics in Multiracial Congregations - It's great to have people of different races worshipping together in the pews, but getting people in the room is just the beginning. Being in the same church doesn't mean that we have the same opportunities to express our true selves or fully participate in and shape the life of the congregation. Join us to learn about how and why multiracial congregations can perpetuate inequitable power dynamics and what can be done to better reflect the equity and interdependence Jesus intended for the body of Christ.

Upcoming Dates & Registration Information:

RCCI will not be offering these again in 2019. Please check back for dates in 2020.

Please email Megan at mlietz@egc.org for more information.