Woven strengthens women in leadership. We convene annually for a women’s leadership consultation to share stories, build relationships and to collectively discern ways to take action toward empowering and supporting women, churches and communities.

We learn together with partners, providing technical assistance to churches, women‘s networks and organizations to help them be more healthy and effective.

Our convening and learning empowers collaborative research and community engagement on challenging urban justice issues facing Boston’s churches, with a current focus on sexual based violence, gender-based issues, and women in leadership.

Listening & learning together

In 2016, Woven gathered with 104 women leaders, from 65 churches, with 41 different occupations, and 45 different ministries.

I’m passionate about helping churches and leaders wrestle with challenging questions.”
— Stacie Mickelson, MA, Director of Woven

Stacie Mickelson - Director of Woven

Stacie is passionate about helping churches and leaders to have a healthy dialogue about gender and culture, and she loves reframing potentially polarizing conversations in ways that build church unity. She holds a B.S. in Women and Gender Studies from the University of Massachusetts and a M.A. in International Development and Social Change from Clark University.

Stacie directs Woven, EGC’s Applied Research & Consulting engagements related to women in leadership and gender-based issues. With her husband, Elijah, Stacie lives in an intentional Christian community in Jamaica Plain where they are teaching their daughter Eden to climb things, love Jesus and roar like a lion.