Woven’s Purpose: Convene, Learn & Collaborate


We  provide key infrastructure to facilitate diverse gatherings of urban Christian leaders, in mission-similar organizations and across sectors. We create safe spaces for bridge building for the healthy engagement with hard issues related to gender and culture. 

Our goal is greater unity in Christian Boston through shared learning and collaborative action. We convene the Women's Leadership Consultation, a safe space for Christian women leaders to share insights and obstacles to living and leading wholeheartedly. 

We provide and support opportunities for church leaders interested in addressing hard issues in peer community, including healthy sexuality, gender-based violence in the church, and the intersectionality of race and gender.



We work with partners to develop skills and opportunities for shared learning about urban gender-based issues. We share personal experiences, cultural insights, and broader perspectives on the larger system in which we participate. 

Our goal is to elevate the conversation about gender-based issues, so that the convening community is better informed to act in ways that are strategic and sustainable. We also observe that shared learning promotes mutual understanding that builds crucial bridges for meaningful collaborative action. We gather insights annually from a variety of Boston area Christian women leaders and share those insights in regular reports and online interaction. 

We commit to staying informed about local and national conversations about gender through regular literature and media review, in the areas of women in leadership, gender-based violence, intersectionality of race and gender, healthy masculinity & femininity, and healthy sexuality.


Our convening and learning is for the purpose of taking collaborative action with partners around the city. Our goal is to promote gender wholeness that honors Christ, healthy relationships in places of work and worship, and a vision for a time when our gendered Christian body in Boston is woven better together for the redemption of the world, to the glory of God. 

We provide strategic support to networks and culture shifting movements particularly in the areas of gender and sexual based violence and women in leadership. We provide technical assistance a variety of community partners in the form of research design & data collection, outcomes assessment, strategic planning and fundraising coaching. 

We also provide consultation to churches on gender issues and on better supporting women, and more broadly to Christian leaders on useful resources and trusted experts for learning about gender-based issues.

For more information contact Stacie Mickelson at smickelson@egc.org.

I am deeply grateful for the support and encouragement of the Woven staff at EGC. I am excited about their analytical abilities and their capacities to engage on a thoughtful level.
— Alicia Greenaway, Esq. Founder of Esther Generation

Alicia's Story ~ Partner Highlight

Alicia exemplifies our belief that by partnering with leaders already pursuing their calling passionately, the impact of all our efforts is amplified.

Esther Generation is a project where interlocking circles of Christian women lead on important social and humanitarian issues. We will use music, fashion, and community organizing to do something very special right here in Boston.
Learn more at EstherGeneration.org 


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