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Intercultural Ministries
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Connecting ministry leaders, churches, and organizations across cultural lines
International ministries

Intercultural Ministries equips churches and ministries to embrace their multicultural future and helps them navigate crosscultural challenges and opportunities. We network, train, and consult with churches and organizations who want to promote effective intercultural ministry.

What we do

Intercultural Ministries of EGC functions as a “supporting ligament” in the Body of Christ for connecting ministry practitioners, churches and organizations across cultural lines—to see the Body of Christ strengthened and the Kingdom of God more fully revealed! We network, train, and consult to promote effective intercultural ministry and international mission networks in and out of Greater Boston. As we follow the Holy Spirit, we have identified the following key strategic initiatives:

  • Greater Boston Refugee Ministry (GBRM) has Launched! - After 18 months of Research and Development GBRM is in its second year of a 2-year pilot program.  Our vision is being honed and shared with churches. Click here for more information on GBRM and how your church can be involved. 

  • Equipping the Church to Bless Muslims - God wants your church be an agent of peace and faithfully bear witness to Christ. God wants your church to have a heart of compassion and a desire to bless Muslims. God wants to use your church to build bridges with Muslims in your community. Read more about ways to get involved.

  • City Without Walls Initiative – This initiative is an outgrowth of the 2010 Ethnic Ministries Summit: A City Without Walls, hosted in Boston in April 2010. The aim of the initiative is to continue to nurture intercultural relationships and ministry partnerships as a means of expressing and advancing the Kingdom of God. Currently our team is focusing our attention at understanding and improving intergenerational relationships in immigrant churches.

  • Diverse team sitting around a tableHidden Treasures of the Kingdom Uncovered: Celebrating Ministries to the Nations in our New England Neighborhoods - God has brought to our region wonderful Diaspora leaders who serve effectively their people group both in Boston and in their home country. However, these leaders are often under-resourced and find it difficult to present their ministries to potential partners (churches, organizations and individuals) due to sociological marginalization. Intercultural Ministries wants to celebrate these leaders and their ministries by being an advocate to bring greater awareness to them and providing opportunities for relationship building, partnership development and fund raising. Our first celebration took place on August 25, 2012 at North Shore Assembly of God, Malden. For more information, please contact Gregg gdetwiler [at] egc.org and visit the Hidden Treasure's webpage.

  • Sharing Worship Space on a Higher Level – We are offering trainings for congregations that want to share worship space well. We want to help churches to cross cultural lines and develop healthy relationships with each other in order to be a witness of a diverse body of Christ in their neighborhoods. Contact Gregg at gdetwiler [at] egc.org if you want more information. The Sharing Worship Space trainings emerged out of our research project, Shared Worship Space - an Urban Challenge and a Kingdom Opportunity. This research sought to better understand and explore different models of churches sharing space as well as the opportunities and challenges that come with such arrangements. Read about the research here.

Through these efforts of nurturing intercultural relationships, learning, and collaboration, we trust we see greater expression and advancement of the Kingdom of God in the city, the region, and the world.

EGC has been involved in intercultural ministries since 1969. For a table showing many of the milestones, the events, and the people involved, click here...

Why we do it

Over the last three decades, two dynamic flows of migration have carried nearly one million people from over 100 nations into Greater Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. One flow contains people from some of the most vital Christianity of Latin America, Asia and Africa and has fueled dynamic Kingdom growth in our region. The other flow has brought tremendous opportunity to relate to some of the world’s most unreached peoples including Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, and Muslims. Unfortunately both of these flows of people have often been overlooked or lacked the intercultural connection necessary to leverage greater Kingdom growth in the city, region, and world. Simply put, the growth of the Kingdom can be greatly expanded by nurturing authentic intercultural connections between the many “nations” represented in the Body of Christ and the many nations in our own backyard.

Get involved

We welcome research assistants, interns, and volunteers to help us gather information and connect with New England’s ethnic churches. We need help from urban ministry students and practitioners to build relationships with various church leaders, then listen to and document their stories. We also need people who could volunteer from home by transcribing audio recordings of interviews with leaders from among New England’s ethnic church communities. Please contact us and explain how you might like to get involved.


One of the goals of Intercultural Ministries is to offer churches and organizations a menu of services where we can be of some help in the area of intercultural ministry development. If you think these could be of service to your church or organization, we would love to speak with you. Our hope is that it would be a win/win partnership where we could offer services that would be of real benefit to you and provide a means to fund some of the broader strategic development projects we are working on. And, of course, our prayer is that all we do would ultimately be a big win for the Kingdom. Learn more about the resources we offer...

Acts 1:8 Gatherings

Over the past decade, EGC has helped sponsor three major gatherings of diverse Christian leaders following the concentric pattern of Acts 1:8. In 2002, we hosted the Multicultural Leadership Consultation of Boston, bringing 250 diverse leaders together to learn from one another and to celebrate Boston’s Book of Acts. In 2007, we broadened our scope and hosted the Intercultural Leadership Consultation (photo), bringing together 450 leaders from across New England to learn from one another and to celebrate New England’s Book of Acts. In 2010, we hosted the Ethnic Ministries Summit: A City Without Walls, bringing together 700 diverse leaders from across our region and across North America. Here you can listen to some of the seminars.

New England’s Book of Acts

In preparation for the Intercultural Leadership Consultation in October of 2007, EGC collaborated with various groups within the church to compile stories, articles, and resources from numerous people groups and ministries that help tell the story of what God is doing in New England. For some groups, we updated and expanded reports that were written for the previous Multicultural Consultation of 2002. For other groups not covered in 2002, we opened a new chapter that we hope will continue to grow. The 2007 New England’s Book of Acts cannot contain everything, but rather compiles key stories and articles of the ongoing work of God through a sampling of the ethnic and immigrant churches of Greater Boston from 1965 to 2007. Read and download New England’s Book of Acts here...

Boston-Berlin Partnership

The vision of EGC’s Intercultural Ministries is to connect the Body of Christ across cultural lines to express and advance the Kingdom of God in the city, the region, and the world. Building relationships and creating learning environments are essential to achieving this vision. Among its networks with urban ministries globally, Emmanuel Gospel Center is connected with Gemeinsam fuer Berlin (Together for Berlin) a ministry organization in Germany since 2006, whose mission statement is: “Through a growing unity among believers in committed prayer and coordinated action, the Gospel of Jesus Christ shall reach all areas of society and people of all cultures in Berlin, so that the evidence of the Kingdom of God will increase, thus causing a higher quality of life in the city.” Learn more about the Boston-Berlin partnership...

Cambodian Ministries

Just north of Boston is the second-largest Cambodian community in the United States. Pastor PoSan Ung, minister-at-large to the Cambodian community, provides training and support to the Cambodian leaders who serve this community. PoSan works with Cambodian churches to organize joint activities, such as evangelistic outreach during the annual Water Festival in Lowell in August, multi-church Vacation Bible School, and a multichurch Easter service. PoSan also travels several times each year to Cambodia to provide training, networking opportunities, and support for pastors there. (The Christian Cambodian American Fellowship, a network of Cambodian pastors in New England, is an EGC fiscal conduit ministry. EGC’s Cambodian Ministries is a ministry guided by Intercultural Ministries.)

Haitian Ministries International

EGC’s Haitian Ministries International works to encourage and strengthen Haitian pastors in Boston and to facilitate churches working together to serve the Haitians in this area, in Haiti, and across the Haitian diaspora. In 1985, Pastor Soliny Védrine joined the staff of EGC to coordinate ministry among Haitian churches and build fruitful partnerships which have strengthened the Haitian church community over the past 25 years. Learn more about EGC’s Haitian Ministries...

Learn more about Intercultural Ministries