Resources for Research


·      Berlin – Gemeinsam für Berlin (Together for Berlin)

·      Boston – Emmanuel Gospel Center (EGC) –

·      South Africa

o   Jewels of Hope

o   Johannesburg Housing Company –



Note: EGC is engaged in a website makeover. We are working to migrate files from our old site to the new one as quickly as we can. Some of these resources may not be available right away.

·      New England’s Book of Acts. Stories of how God is growing the churches among many people groups and ethnic groups in Greater Boston.

·      What is the Quiet Revival? an overview:

What is the Quiet Revival? Fifty years ago, a church planting movement quietly took root in Boston. Since then, the number of churches within the city limits of Boston has nearly doubled.

·      Youth Violence System Project (YVSP)

o   YVSP Neighborhood Studies —

o   YVSP overview — Khary Bridgewater, et al, “A Community-Based Systems Learning Approach to Understanding Youth Violence in Boston,” Progress in Community Health Partnership: Research, Education, and Action)

·      Boston Church Directory — print editions 1989 to 2001; online condensed edition at

Other EGC studies (some available in print, all will be available online in the near future at

·      The Unsolved Leadership Challenge (2014; church planting and women in leadership)

·      Christianity in Boston (1993; discovery of Quiet Revival)

·      Educating Urban Christians in the 21st Century (1998; needs assessment study)

·      Youth Ministry in Boston (1995; needs assessment survey)

·      Studying Urban Communities (1994, and updates; questionnaire and study guide)



Center for the Study of Global Christianity: (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) does research to maintain the World Christian Database, which has data on over 5,000 cities. It also is the repository for research collected by the World Evangelisation Research Center in Nairobi, Kenya. Other resources include the World Christian Encyclopedia and the Atlas of Global Christianity. Director Todd Johnson.

Community Tool Box: a major, free online set of resources for anyone seeking to improve communities or foster social change. Among the 46 areas covered in English, Spanish and Arabic are several related to research: “Assessing Community Needs and Resources” (Ch. 3), Evaluation Research (Chs. 36-39), and “Analyzing Community Problems and Solutions” (Ch. 17). Associated with the Univ. of Kansas.

Global Research, International Mission Board (IMB) & Global Research Information Center

Lausanne International Researchers Network

Minneapolis - St. Paul City View Reports: by John A. Mayer; religious demographics of the twin cities.

Movement of African National Initiatives (MANI): Continental Coordinator, Reuben Ezemadu; research focused on discovering unreached groups.  

OC Research (Department of One Challenge International)

Operation World, Patrick Johnstone; prayer oriented research on all countries (7th ed.)



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