Intercultural Ministries

Intercultural Ministries functions as a “supporting ligament” in the Body of Christ for connecting ministry practitioners, churches and organizations across cultural lines—to see the Body of Christ strengthened and the Kingdom of God more fully revealed! We network, train, and consult to promote effective intercultural ministry and international mission networks in and out of Greater Boston.

Greater Boston Refugee Ministry

After 18 months of Research and Development GBRM is in its second year of a 2-year pilot program.  Our vision is being honed and shared with churches. Click here for more information on GBRM and how your church can be involved.

Christian Muslim Relations

Does God want to use your church to be an agent of peace while faithfully bearing witness to Christ? Do you have a heart of compassion and desire to bless Muslims? Does he want to use you to build bridges with Muslims in your community? If so, please contact us so we can join you in the process! Contact Dave at for more information.



Gregg’s Story

Gregg Detwiler, Rev. Dr., Director of Intercultural Ministries

Prior to joining EGC in 2001, Gregg Detwiler served as a church-planting pastor of a multicultural church in Boston, and as missions pastor of a suburban congregation. Today Gregg works with leaders from many cultures, offering research, training, consulting, networking and collaborative outreach.

He recently helped launch the Greater Boston Refugee Ministry, engaging churches and refugees in mutually transformative relationships. Originally from Kansas, Gregg graduated from Evangel University and the Assemblies of God Seminary in Missouri. In 2001, he earned a D.Min. in Urban Ministry from Gordon-Conwell. Gregg and his wife, Rita, live in Greater Boston and have three children. You can reach Gregg at


Dave's Story

Intercultural Minister at Large Christian-Muslim Relations

Relations between Christians and Muslims present the Church with one of her biggest opportunities and greatest challenges. Misunderstandings on both sides of this divide are fueled by fear of terrorism and false narratives so that Christians have backed off from Jesus’ command to love and make disciples of all peoples. Here is where Dave Kimball quietly steps in. In addition to building friendships with his Muslim neighbors, Dave works to equip churches to better understand and engage with Muslims in their communities. He and his wife, Janet, lived in the Middle East for a number of years. They now live north of Boston and have two children. You can reach Dave at