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Imagine Christians continuing Christ's redemptive work by collaborating across racial lines to foster shalom between individuals, communities, and systems damaged by racism. RCCI works toward this vision by equipping Christians in Greater Boston to engage issues of race in ways that honor the image of God in all people and nurture the righteousness and justice Jesus desires for our communities.

In doing so, we aim to strengthen and give shape to a missional community of Christians who are committed to racial healing. We envision this community as a place that develops strategic relationships, offers support, and shares resources for growth and action.

At present, the initial focus of RCCI is to equip White evangelicals for the work of biblical racial reconciliation. We recognize that White people need to do learning and self-work to become more effective agents of Christ’s redemptive work in the area of race relations. As staff capacity and experiences grow, we are also expanding the services of RCCI to directly engage Christians of other races. 

Why is our initial focus on White people?

Check out the video footage from our ministry launch party to get a feel for RCCI and the energy surrounding God’s work of racial healing in Boston…


Racism in Boston

Racism is deeply entrenched in Boston's past and present, contribute to gaping disparities across racial lines:

 Learn more about the profound impact racism has on our city by reading

the Globe's Spotlight Series on racism in Boston.

For [Jesus] himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility. - Eph. 2:14, NIV

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Our Initial Focus: Racial Education for White Evangelicals

Racial disparities and tensions divide our communities. The Church is called to be a source of healing and transformation.

However, White evangelicals often find themselves unaware of racial realities and unsure of how to engage in a Christ-like way in issues pertaining to race. When we try to reach across racial lines, even well-intentioned White evangelicals can do things that, knowingly and unknowingly, can do more harm than good.

Many White evangelicals have work to do to prepare themselves to engage issues of race in ways that are respectful, responsible, and empowering to communities of color. We need to develop the knowledge, skills, and posture to be engaged and effective members of a reconciled and reconciling community.

Options for Learning with Us

  • Workshops: RCCI offers an introductory workshop series designed to help people better understand racism and how to respond to it as followers of Jesus. Click here for more information.

  • Church & Ministry Partnerships: As a group, receive services that focus on your unique ministry context and how you can address issues related to race in your community.

  • Community Forums: Join us as we build a multiracial Christian community talking about issues related to race that you often won't hear about from the pulpit. Food, fellowship, presentation and discussion. Click here for more information.

  • Inter-Ministry Cohort: RCCI hosts inter-ministry cohorts for White people shaped by the evangelical tradition to help them learn about and do self-work related to race. Click here for more information.

  • Support & Accountability Group: RCCI offers a group for White people who have been shaped by the evangelical tradition and desire to receive support and accountability to take action to contribute to the dismantling of racism. Click here for more information.


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