Racial Education for White Evangelicals: Our Current Focus 

Racial disparities and tensions divide our communities. The Church can be a source of healing and peace.

But White evangelicals often find themselves unaware of racial realities and unsure of how to engage in a Christ-like way in issues pertaining to race. When they try to reach across racial lines, even well-intentioned White evangelicals can do things that are not well received by communities of color. They can end up building, not removing, the walls between us.

Many White evangelicals have work to do to prepare themselves to engage issues of race in ways that are respectful, responsible, and empowering to communities of color. They need to develop the knowledge, skills, and posture to be engaged and effective members of a reconciled and reconciling community.

Racial Education for White Evangelicals (REWE) equips White evangelicals for racial reconciliation work. We recognize the role and responsibility of White people for self-work to become more effective agents of biblical racial reconciliation. As staff capacity and experiences grow, we will expand our ministry goals to engage Christians of other races.

Our desire is to see Boston Christians continuing Christ’s reconciling work, collaborating across racial lines to foster shalom between people, communities, and systems damaged by racism.

Our Strategy

REWE equips White evangelicals to reflect and learn within their ministry community so they can more effectively participate in Christ’s reconciling work (Eph. 2:11-21) across racial lines. Because each ministry is on a different journey toward biblical reconciliation based on their context and goals, we work with them to create a customized road map for learning and action. With the guidance and accountability of people of color, we provide tools, resources, and ongoing support for genuine growth:

  • Educate: REWE helps ministries develop their biblical understanding and practice of racial reconciliation as part of God's work to transform individuals, communities, and social systems.

  • Coach: REWE provides support, resources, and accountability to help churches meet their race-related goals. Groups examine who they are, the community in which they serve, their understanding of racism, their capacity for engagement, and their desired outcomes.

  • Convene: REWE facilitates group conversations within and between communities that model authentic listening and dialogue for changes in heart, perspective, and action.

  • Connect: REWE nurtures relationships between leaders and ministries to create spaces for learning and collaboration.

Options for Learning with Us

  • Church & Ministry Partnerships: As a group, receive services that focus on your unique ministry context and how your ministry can move forward in community.

  • Inter-Ministry Cohort: As an individual, join an EGC-hosted inter-ministry cohort where you can grow with other White evangelicals and receive support to apply what you are learning in your spheres of influence. 

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