Fiscal Sponsorship Partners of EGC


EGC formally supports local organizations, ministries, and missionaries by providing infrastructure and technical assistance.

By serving as a fiscal agent and passing on high standards of accountability, structures, and operations we can cultivate God’s work here in Boston and around the world. Sometimes we provide basic structures to help organizations grow to a point where they are self-sustaining. Other organizations are best served with a long-term commitment.

  • Boston Faith and Justice Network, bringing Christians together to live simply and give generously in pursuit of a just world

  • Boston International Student Ministry, helping international students in the greater Boston area to adjust to U.S. life

  • Chinatown Respite Care, sharing the gospel with Chinese families affected by disability and connecting them with neighboring churches

  • Christian Cambodian-American Fellowship, supporting inter-church collaboration among Cambodian congregations in Greater Boston

  • Institute for Christian Unity, bringing Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical/ Pentecostal and Mainline Protestant Christians into closer proximity with each other toward a truer, more recognizable oneness in our common faith

  • John 17:23 Ministries, strengthening biblical unity and cooperative efforts in cities and towns throughout Massachusetts

  • KCC Support Coalition (KCCSC), a Boston-based working team supporting ministry in India

  • Michael Dottin Ministries, equipping worship and arts teams with biblical teaching and training that promotes effective ministry that honors God

  • Mustard Seed Generation is striving for holistic growth in the Korean American community

  • The Anastasis Center, proclaiming the healing of humanity in Jesus by teaching Nicene Incarnational Trinitarian theology and resourcing leaders to do the same

  • RESTORE, connecting and equipping volunteers from local churches and agencies in the Rt. 128/495 corridor to develop life-changing relationships with men, women and families living on the financial edge. For more info contact Rev. Dr. Brian Gearin at

  • Visions for Springfield, encouraging inter-church collaboration in Springfield, Massachusetts