What is a Race & Christian Community Initiative Cohort at EGC?

A cohort is a learning community where people can come together to learn and do the self-work needed to engage issues of race more effectively. Cohorts provide the resources, support, and accountability for people to grow personally and apply what they are learning to their spheres of influence.

Cohorts are long-term commitments (6 months) through which people examine and respond to the way racism impacts our lives. We learn through a variety of methods including books and media, guest speakers, discussion, creative exercises, and field trips.

At present, RCCI is piloting cohorts among White evangelicals. We piloted our first cohort from 2017 - 2018 and we are now piloting our second cohort, which is designed for White evangelical pastors and ministry leaders. We are imagining what it would look like to have multi-racial cohorts as well. To get info about upcoming cohort opportunities, please send us a message through our “I want to join a cohort” button below.



ReWe concluded piloting its first cohort in Spring 2018. Take a look at testimonies from this experience:

  • "My understanding of the Gospel is deeper, richer, and more expansive than before. My social network is changing -- my friends, my church experience, work interactions, etc. These have been wonderful ways that God has shown me more of Himself." - Kate

  • "I read the news differently, I listen differently, I look at and interact with people in crowds differently. I think about how I use my resources in a new way… I have a changed mindset and it affects everything." – Jeremy

  • "We both remain deeply thankful for the growth we experienced in our race cohort. We gained exposure to a wide range of materials that equipped us to think and talk about race at a personal, academic, theological, institutional and relational level. Regular conversations in a trusted space about our own and others' journey of racial awareness helped us better understand the diversity of experiences around us. We deeply appreciated the emphasis on God's vision for reconciliation as a foundation on which to build greater understanding of race in our culture, our own biases, and God's desire for real healing between white communities and communities of color." - Scott & Shelton

We look forward to launching more cohort communities in 2019!