Support and Accountability Group for WHIte People Shaped by the Evangelical Tradition who Desire to Take Action to Dismantle Racism

Big Picture Overview

Purpose: To create a space where White people, who have been shaped by the evangelical tradition and desire to take action to contribute to the dismantling of racism, can come to give and receive support and accountability in a way that increases their capacity to continue Christ’s reconciling work in the area of race relations.

What We Do: We gather to build community, learn from shared experiences, receive training, and offer support to leverage our individual and collective resources to take action to dismantle racism in our spheres of influence.

Who We Are: We are a group that emerged from an RCCI cohort (learning community) and desires to continue learning together with a focus on building capacity and taking action. We desire to expand our community to individuals with shared interests and commensurate experience. Joining this group means entering into a pre-existing community, however, the original members are committed to expanding the group and intentionally welcoming new people into community.

The Commitment: We meet for two-hours once a month. While not required to attend every month or agree to participate for any set amount of time, we ask that new participants commit to attending for four consecutive months at the beginning to get a sense for and connect with the community. Because developing relationships take time, the more someone is able to consistently come and invest in community, the more everyone will benefit.

How Do I know if this Community is for Me?: While we are all at different points on our journey of racial awareness and healing and believe that we can all contribute to and learn from one another, we hold shared knowledge, beliefs, and goals. These shared elements can be found here. We are looking for people who have these things in common to join our community, believing that a shared foundation will help us be more effective in action. If what is shared is new to you, we encourage you to ask questions and explore how you can learn about it through one of RCCI’s cohorts or other learning opportunities.