Christ@Work: An Overview of Faith-Work Integration Ministries

Christ@Work: An Overview of Faith-Work Integration Ministries

By the ARC Team

What’s a Christ@Work Ministry?

Committed Christians want to live into their faith seven days a week, not just during Sunday worship or mid-week groups. Those committed to loving God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength acknowledge that we spend a majority of our weekly time and energy in our work life.

Christ@Work (C@W) ministries, also known as Faith at Work, Faith-Work Integration, or the more limiting term Marketplace Ministry, help Christians live out their faith through their work: in their workplace relationships, work ethic, and professional impact on the world.

By no means a comprehensive list, this birds-eye view should give you a glimpse of the scope of C@W ministries thriving nationwide today.

Overview of Christ@Work Ministries

1. Ministries to Bless the Christian Worker

Personal Ethics

Christians in skilled professions may face ethical dilemmas and professional challenges for which pastors without specialized knowledge aren’t equipped to offer counsel. These ministries offer literature or seminars on personal ethics. Speciality-specific convenings, such as medical ethics for Christian doctors, help Christians connect their faith to the specialized decisions they face.

Spiritual Care

Work life, like all aspects of life, can be a means of personal transformation and spiritual formation. These ministries offer counsel, chaplaincy, and coaching about spiritual development through work.

Spiritual Practices at Work

Some ministries offer materials or guidance for holding prayer meetings or Bible studies in the workplace. Such gatherings can provide workers otherwise unavailable for church groups opportunities for Christian formation. Such gatherings can also connect Christians in the workplace for mutual support.

Vocational Discernment

Christians with a robust theology of work can pursue the glory of God in anything from janitorial tasks to stock portfolio management. These ministries honor the dignity and theological meaning of the work itself, helping workers discern their gifts and calling, and align their career choices accordingly.

Christian Professional Networking

Skilled workers may find themselves the only Christian in their workplace. These ministries convene Christians in the same field for fellowship and peer support amidst professional or personal challenges to their faith.

2. Ministries to Bless Coworkers and the Company

Workplace Evangelism

What Christians often imagine when they first hear phrases such as Marketplace Ministry or Faith at Work, workplace evangelism-focused ministries help Christians have a positive relational impact on their colleagues. They support Christians working in secular settings to develop respectful and authentic relationships with their co-workers, to reflect God’s love, and to invite spiritual seekers in their sphere of influence towards a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. They may also hold workplace seminars or Bible studies as opportunities for spiritual conversation.

Corporate Ethics and Transformation

An unhealthy corporate culture not only makes life difficult for the employees, but it also undermines the long-term viability of the company. These ministries offer guidance for wisely challenging unhealthy corporate dynamics and taking practical initiative towards a lasting transformation of company values towards just, ethical, sustainable, and humanizing practices for the health of the organization.

3. Ministries To Bless the Community, Culture, and Planet

Professional Excellence Societies

To have a respected voice in the culture, those in artistic and creative professions may wish to hone excellence in their craft. These ministries promote Christian professional skill excellence to inspire and lead culture shift towards godly values, including the progress of their art to the glory of God.

Social Advocacy

Companies and organizations may have a just or unjust impact on human thriving and environmental sustainability, both locally and around the world. Christians are called to be faithful stewards of the earth and advocates for vulnerable populations. These ministries offer social impact analysis and promote social responsibility in company employment, vendor, environmental, and investment practices.

Mobilizing Professional Skill

Vulnerable populations may not have access to much needed but highly skilled services, such as dentistry. These ministries organize the donation of professional skill for under-served people.

Employment Facilitation

For some categories of people, significant barriers exist to securing employment. These ministries promote the God-given dignity of work for all by organizing Christians to offer job opportunities and entrepreneurship support for vulnerable populations, such as minorities, refugees, or those returning from incarceration.




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